The Beginning of This Universe

It is said that the beginning was all at random.... but thats all horsespit.

It all started in a different universe and our creators were just star crossed lovers, trying to escape destruction... you see, a sorceror, named Urus, fell in love with a goddess named Gaea. This did not set well for her father and they fled him into an absolute random universe. When they got there they realized that they have gone to one that is completely blank, which means that they can't do a thing. Urus said that he can make spirits... that is in exchange for his life force.... so Urus and Gaea decided that this must be so and he created ten spirits: Life, Death, Fire, Water, Earth, Flesh, Lightning, Thunder, Ice, and Wind. When this happened Urus instantly died and Gaea was devastated and didn't do a thing for several weeks. After a little while she came up with the plan to take half of her godliness and put it into Urus' body. So Urus became a god and renamed himself, Uranus. His first law that he decreed is that it is impossible for a spirit to destroy a god, so that they would work for him without rebel. He also gave them all of his sorceror's skill so that they became godlike forms of spirits. So Uranus had them create worlds and the heavens and the like until Uranus realized that this is going to take a long time to finish.. so he decreed that all ideas from the people of the original planets become a world that began at the beginning of time. So in an instant everything was finished and Uranus rises to the heavens to meet his new gods.