The Mystery of Love

Love is fickle, it seems to just toy with you sometimes or make you really happy in the long term. I have experienced both of these and it seems that everyone has different criteria for love that doesn't always mesh well with the other person. One minute you're happy with the choice of your partner and in the next everything is in a downward spiral..

My marriage was good and happy for years until its abrupt end. The exwife left me for another guy and was even seeing him romantically behind my back. What she did should have been unforgivable but due to love i did forgive her even though now i wish i didn't.. My heart did eventually fell out of love for her and I am definitely thankful for that.

Rather recently I fell back in love with an old high school friend and was rejected rather cruelly, but don't fret since my past actions definitely dictate that i deserved it. On that note love is a mystery that seems to beckon me to do the right thing, even though i seem to keep falling short..

From here on I will continue with life with high hopes that this isnt all that love offers and will focus on relationships without labels; whatever happens happens...

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